About Engineering Elements

We are a project-based engineering consultancy, offering a diverse range of skills and services to a variety of clients in the property industry specialising in temporary works, structural, civil, and forensic engineering. Our practice delivers structural and civil design and documentation for new and existing structures in concrete, steel, timber and masonry, together with their surrounds.

As a point of difference our structural engineering team specialises in demolition engineering, also known as temporary works, the nature of which demands an intricate knowledge of first principles engineering and the ability to investigate, assess, design and document complex, non-standard engineering problems. Our work often involves older structures constructed using discontinued construction materials and methods, so with limited or no availability of the original documentation, we have the capability to bring sound, engineering-based advice to our clients.

Our knowledge of existing structures provides a comprehensive platform for our forensic structural practice where we provide existing conditions assessment reporting together with rectification strategies as required.

Engineering Elements also services the property advisory sector with skills in feasibility studies, project planning, and development management. We take a holistic view of projects to optimise commercial outcomes for clients and aim to lower client risk through appropriate management at each critical stage.

“Our vision, based on our team’s international experience, is to be the leading practice in Australia in the field of high quality value adding engineering solutions.”

Our Services

Temporary Works

We specialise in temporary building solutions and bespoke structures. Engineering Elements will assess suitability, stability and safety of different temporary works installations and analyse, design and assess temporary structures in construction projects.

Proof engineering: Independent review and assessment of temporary works designs developed by others.

Demolition advice: Including supporting adjacent structures, checking equipment loads and design of protection system.

Project Sectors:

  • Demolition methodologies
  • Formwork and falsework/back propping
  • Fixed temporary loading platforms
  • Project specific temporary structures
  • High-rise Demolition Propping and Methodologies
  • Hoarding and overhead protection
  • Tower crane Lift and Base design and Certification
  • Retractable loading platforms and B-Class Hoardings and Gantries

Structural Engineering

Engineering Elements has experience with all project types/sectors (residential, industrial and commercial) and can provide a full service for your project needs at all stages of involvement. Engineering Elements can provide technical support and advice for all areas of structural design, modelling, assessment and documentation to ensure the objectives of the project are met.

Our capacity to create multidisciplinary teams drawing on local and global expertise provides a ‘whole of life’ project cycle underpinned by cutting edge technology like Revit 3D software and Building Information Modelling.

Civil Engineering

Engineering Elements provides comprehensive civil engineering services for urban development and infrastructure, including: site investigation and feasibility studies, design and documentation, construction management and project development for:

  • Residential buildings
  • Local government projects
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Pavement design and assessment
  • Storm water and drainage
  • Site surface and sub-surface drainage
  • Storm water detention systems
  • Earth retaining structures
  • External vehicular and pedestrian paving slabs

Forensic Engineering

The purpose of our Forensic Engineer is to determine the causes of damage or failure and determine appropriate solutions to repair, maintain and extend the life of the building or structure. Engineering Elements can provide expert, independent assessment of structural failures and building integrity. In conjunction with our suite of engineering services, Engineering Elements are able to provide comprehensive advice, reports and expert testimony such as:

  • Residential crack inspection
  • Defect reports
  • Assessment of existing structure and building condition


“Our capacity to create multidisciplinary teams, drawing on local and global expertise provides a ‘whole life’ project cycle underpinned by cutting edge technology such as Revit 3D software and Building Information Modelling.”


“We offer a multi-disciplinary one stop shop approach to project delivery working with alliance partners in all engineering and project management services…”