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Ali Borna
Ali BornaRevit Lead
Ali Borna arrived in Australia from his native Iran in 2017. Ali appears to enjoy learning about Australian culture and customs from the office team who are always keen to teach him new things. Or at least that’s what he says!  Ali is a skilled professional, in Iran he qualified with a Master of Civil Engineering/Hydraulic Structure from the University of Tehran, which is assessed here as equivalent to an Australian Master’s Degree by Engineers Australia. It was preceded by a Bachelor of Civil Engineering.  In Iran he worked on significant projects including designing and drafting of sport complex, a 140-unit housing complex and a Bus Passenger Terminal. Since joining Engineering Elements in 2017 as a Civil Engineer/Structural Designer and Drafter he has been responsible for leading our Revit documentation team, overseeing the documentation, output and quality control. He appreciates working in our multi-cultural office environment and coordinates documentation through the structural team leader and others in consultant teams.